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SSAML was founded by EARN FOREVER LIMITED in United Kingdom, it is jointly operated by a group of like-minded Internet elites. The company’s ultimate goal is to build a cross-border online shopping community that seamlessly connects to major global e-commerce platforms so that its members can participate in online business opportunities with an annual consumption of about 6.3 trillion US dollars, benefit from it, and earn continuous passive income.

The innovative thinking of xunbo-shopping.com is to allow its members to use the ever-changing Internet technology to automatically allocate orders and maximize the benefits of their members. After thoroughly understanding the shortcomings of the traditional manual swiping mode, xunbo-shopping.com found that the traditional swiping method was very time-consuming and often made mistakes.

Project Introduction
xunbo-shopping.com is also an opportunity to make money
xunbo-shopping.com' business model and business logic are actually 2 simple things : match orders, referred to matching orders. To put it simple, the ordering is actually to distinguish the products of xunbo-shopping.com merchants from the information of the members separately, and then use big data science to integrate the information of both parties into data and match them to avoid information asymmetry or information overlap. The matched product information will be automatically sent to xunbo-shopping.com global members for scoring. The members of xunbo-shopping.com only need to evaluate the products of the merchants and give the products praise to get the merchants' rewards.
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It is completely different from the traditional concept of swiping orders. The innovative thinking of xunbo-shopping.com is to allow its members to use the ever-changing Internet technology to automatically allocate orders and maximize the benefits of their members.
The project introduction
Development path
xunbo-shopping.com brings a new hope to peopie
September 2018
xunbo-shopping.com studio was officially established and began to operate orders business.
February 2019
xunbo-shopping.com have more than 1 million users and obtained $3.5 millions dollars in financing.
July 2019
xunbo-shopping.com has officially entered the capital market outside the UK, the global transaction volume reaches $24 billion.
June 2020
xunbo-shopping.com uses intelligent matching system instead of manual operation, and the company's business is fully automated.
March 2021
In order to expand the global market share, xunbo-shopping.com open system came into being. Everyone can join us and create wealth together.
Common problems
All the questions about shopping here can be answered
How to register for xunbo-shopping.com members?
The system adopts invitation system to register new members. In order to ensure the income of registered members and prevent excessive registration and reduce income, new members can only register under the invitation of existing members.
How to deposit balance for my account?
Log in to your account, enter the amount on the payment page, and follow the prompts to pay with the E-wallet.
How can I invest and earn money?
Enter the app and click "Orders" in the navigation, and then there is a "START" to grab orders, For the first time, you need to input the address and telephone number, after that, you can start to grab the order.
Why is there such a high profit?
With the development of the times, there are opportunities everywhere. Our function is to help businesses promote products through mobile phones and increase exposure. Improve online shop ranking, charge advertising fees, and then give us commission!
What is the agency model?
If you invite a friend to create an account, you are his direct superior agent. You can get
16% of his daily Commission,
8% of the 2nd generation member's commission,
4% of the 3rd generation member's Commission
Any question? You are welcome to use the contact information shown below or the chat window in the app to contact our experienced team of experts. After sending the email, you will receive a reply as soon as possible